Monday, 27 February 2012

THE HUNT, LP (2011) "Alternate Version"

This is an "alternate"/earlier mix of an album by a dark crust / D-beat band
that I played (lead)guitar in from 2010-11 called The Hunt.
The album is presented here as two gapless 'Apple Lossless' M4a files
symbolising the two sides of a vinyl LP. It is designed to be listened to as such,
with the songs fading in to one and other to create a cohesive full-album experience.

                         *SIDE A):                                 **SIDE B):
                      1. Emptiness                            1. Enslaved
                         2. Golden Calf                          2. Australia Failed You
                            3. Shrine                                 3. Buried
                               4. Mourning                            4. Unmarked Grave
         Mediafire links:      A) DOWNLOAD                       B) DOWNLOAD
The album will be released with an updated mix & track listing on vinyl later in 2012
so if you like it, please seek it out or go to a show and support the band!

   Troy / Vocals
   Danny / Guitar (L)
   Luke / Guitar (R)
   Adam / Bass
   Oli / Drums 

        Recorded, Engineered, Mastered by Al Smith @ Bergerk Studio, Western Australia, 2011
        (Mastering on this alternate version by Danny Majer @ Fullpower Studio, 2011)
        Artwork by Glenn "Glenno" Smith

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Die, Die, Die, my Scoundrel!

Welcome to the first entry to my Blog, whose purpose is to be a place where I plan to upload some music that I've recorded in the years spanning fro 1996 until now.....

DIE SCOUNDRELS is a punky / funky / rock / anything-goes type band that I played drums in with two very talented guys, Ant Laurino (Vaginasore Jr.) and Jon Bassett (aka Crap Bastard). Influences included bands like No Means No, Ween, Tenacious D, Faith No More, Mr Bungle, Electric Six, Nirvana etc.
(you get the picture) ;-)

We released two albums, "Kidnapped Scientist" and (the somewhat cynically titled) "Get Rich or... Die Scoundrels", though due to the shortness of the songs, neither ran over the 30 minute mark.
We had a LOT of fun making these albums in my home studio, often fuelled by copious amounts of 100 Pipers Scotch whiskey, with sessions running well in to the night (probably to the dismay of my neighbours). Anthony's singing, unlike most people I know, seemed to improve the more he drank! Anyway, here are the two "proper" releases by the band in one place. I hope you enjoy the music and any comments, good or bad, are of course welcomed!!


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