Monday, 27 February 2012

THE HUNT, LP (2011) "Alternate Version"

This is an "alternate"/earlier mix of an album by a dark crust / D-beat band
that I played (lead)guitar in from 2010-11 called The Hunt.
The album is presented here as two gapless 'Apple Lossless' M4a files
symbolising the two sides of a vinyl LP. It is designed to be listened to as such,
with the songs fading in to one and other to create a cohesive full-album experience.

                         *SIDE A):                                 **SIDE B):
                      1. Emptiness                            1. Enslaved
                         2. Golden Calf                          2. Australia Failed You
                            3. Shrine                                 3. Buried
                               4. Mourning                            4. Unmarked Grave
         Mediafire links:      A) DOWNLOAD                       B) DOWNLOAD
The album will be released with an updated mix & track listing on vinyl later in 2012
so if you like it, please seek it out or go to a show and support the band!

   Troy / Vocals
   Danny / Guitar (L)
   Luke / Guitar (R)
   Adam / Bass
   Oli / Drums 

        Recorded, Engineered, Mastered by Al Smith @ Bergerk Studio, Western Australia, 2011
        (Mastering on this alternate version by Danny Majer @ Fullpower Studio, 2011)
        Artwork by Glenn "Glenno" Smith

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